Lake Water Polo

Salut les amis!

This summer we had a very special opportunity to play a modified game of water polo on a lake!  The water at lac Xavier was a surprisingly warm low twenties Celsius thanks to a summer heat wave.  Modified rules involved throwing the ball to hit a floating "sausage" buoy, which was anchored to the bottom of the lake.  With no goalies, and no one allowed to approach within 2 meters of the buoy, it was difficult enough to score.  We initially placed the buoys too far apart, not recognizing that the game would involve so much action behind the goal as well as in front and all the sides.  We must have played about an hour before hunger and fatigue set in, at which point we cooked up a bunch of sausages on the BBQ.  We could not have asked for better conditions for our trip, with the warm water, and sunny conditions.  This was a team retreat that I'm sure we'll try to replicate again in coming years.