Washington Tournament

Salut les amis,

What competition at the Washington tournament!  We were a few players short arriving in DC (a total of 7), but thankfully the Washington Wet Skins gave us a collection of strong players to help us out, including an incredible goalie.  Despite the boost, we faced some very strong competition, translation: we lost badly in a number of our games.  We had our good moments just the same, and fun was had both in and out of the water.  The Wet Skins had an excellent welcome reception at their sponsor, a sports bar called Nellie's. They also organized an exceptional party at Cobalt.  It happend to be synchronized with the club's 10th anniversary party, which included big search lights outside the club, and free vodka drinks inside until 11pm, along with an excellent line up of DJs.  The ACC team also took some time out to see the monuments and museums before flying back up to Montreal.